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Style meets well-being

Boreal Abode offers interior-lovers advice and inspiration on how to decorate your home with style and boost your well-being in the process! If you want to make your house a home — and create a happy, meaningful space — then you’re in the right place.

I believe that anyone can design their own happy place, whether you’ve never touched a paint roller or you’re already on your third house renovation. At Boreal Abode you will find a free decorating style guide, home decor tips, easy well-being hacks, practical how-to articles, bespoke one-to-one services and lots more.

A portrait of Juan Sandiego, blogger at Boreal Abode

Who is Juan Sandiego?

Hi, there! I’m Juan.

You could say I was a nomad for a long time. I’ve lived in twelve different houses in just over a decade: from a tatty seaside B&B to a fancy flat by the river. Now I’m settled in a little Victorian terraced house. This unusual situation made me realise what makes a house a home, and how indoor spaces can make you feel great — wherever you may live!

Interior Advisor and Well-being Coach

I’m passionate about interior design and the science of well-being. This led to the creation of Boreal Abode back in 2017 as a way to document my ongoing learning process.

Since then, the blog has won an industry-leading Amara Interior Blog Award. And I’ve been featured on BBC One, My Domaine and Reclaim magazine to name a few.

Now, I help homeowners and renters find balance and joy at home by nurturing their well-being and applying the principles of biophilic design. Discover my one-to-one coaching services.

Find your true decorating style

Have you nailed down your unique style? Or do you still follow what others do on Instagram and Pinterest? I’ve created a free guide for those struggling to define their own style. Or perhaps those stuck halfway through. 

Why copy someone else when you can develop your very own signature style? You’ve seen it already. Some people have design styles that are instantly recognisable. I can show you how to make your home one-of-a-kind.

Hit the button below to join the Boreal Abode Community mailing list and download my 5-step guide: How to find your own decorating style.

Let me help you

Your home is a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece of furniture and accessory has the potential to positively impact your daily life.

You deserve a life and a home you truly love and are proud of. A life of balance and meaning. A home that supports your well-being and makes you happy.

Don’t know where to start? Find out more about my coaching services.

If you’re a home decor or well-being brand looking to collaborate, please visit my Work with me page.

Let’s keep in touch

Drop me a line on my Contact page if you have any questions or just want to say Hi! Your message will go directly to my personal inbox and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

The blog and my beloved mailing list are just two of the elements of the Boreal Abode ecosystem. Let’s connect on social media too. It’s easy, I’m @MrJuanSandiego everywhere!

  • Instagram, where I hang out with interiors-lovers like you and have a good time.
  • Pinterest, where I curate the finest contemporary, mid-century and biophilic design.
  • Twitter, where I share relevant home decor blog posts, well-being articles and GIFs.
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FREE GUIDE: How to Find Your Unique Decor Style

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