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Is something missing in your home but you can’t figure out what? Do you want to make your home less Insta-perfect and more unique? Well, let me tell you that you’re in the right place. I’m obsessed with design, and Boreal Abode is all about helping you decorate your home with style and well-being in mind.

Style tips to transform your space

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In Boreal Abode you will discover fresh home style tips on how to decorate your home with style and improve your wellbeing. From straight to the point how-to guides and mood board inspiration to in-depth articles. Always with original photography to illustrate the posts and inspire you.

Do you love a statement piece? You can find my favourite furniture items and accessories in my key pieces. I also share practical advice on home renovation and conservation to keep your home’s health in tip top condition.

The Boreal Abode mission

I created Boreal Abode with a clear purpose: to help you find your happy at home. We live busy lives and we keep going up the property ladder. When you’re renting you want to own a house. When own one, you want to move to a bigger house…

Where’s the end?

There is no end. That’s why you have to focus on your current space and make it your forever home. Live the present time and enjoy the pleasures of a stylish home designed for your wellbeing.

Let me help you decorate your space like there’s no tomorrow, and discover the easy changes you can implement to boost your happiness at home. It’s not only about plants and sunshine. The smallest lifestyle changes can have the greatest postive impact.

A timeless design style

It’s no surprise that modernism (including mid-century modern) is my favourite design style. Its European branch incorporates influences from all over the continent. Including Scandinavian, Eastern European, Spanish and British modern design.

You don’t have to spend thousands on vintage mid-century modern furniture. A few original pieces make a great impact and add character to a home. Yet, the best high street and independent specialised retailers offer furniture and accessories with a mid-century modern vibe. Often incorporating the latest trends.

Juan Sandiego - Boreal Abode

Hi, I’m Juan Sandiego

I have been blogging since 2006, but only in 2017, I discovered what I truly wanted to write about. This is what happened. I mixed my top three creative passions: photography, graphic design and interior design. When combined into one, everything exploded with bright northern lights glow.

And Boreal Abode was born (28/06/2017 at 7:58, 1.7 megabytes).

Cardiff, Wales, is where my home is. It’s a pretty little city full of green parks and rows of Victorian/Edwardian terraced houses. Thanks to this city, I’m now also obsessed with domestic period architecture and bird watching. Too many obsessions, not enough time.

Winner of the Best Newcomer Blog Award

Writing this blog makes me happy. And all the passion and effort was recognised by the leading Interior Blog Awards in the industry (Best Newcomer!) The blog also led me to take the plunge and become an interior design student. Join me on this journey of design research and creativity. It’ll be fun.

But enough about me — let’s talk about you! If you’re reading all this is because you’re also into home decor and interiors. Are you looking for practical style advice? Or maybe tips to make your home less Insta-perfect and more you? Read below and make your project happen.

Written for design lovers

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