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The hottest home decor books you should have read by now (+GIVEAWAY!)

Home Decor Books Giveaway Boreal Abode-2

Do you know the must-have home decor books right now? Those you’re about to see on every single respectable coffee table?

Don’t be the last one to find out. You don’t want to miss all the style tips and advice from these wonderful authors.

I’ve read and reviewed the hottest home decor books of the moment. You will love them for sure. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can enter the giveaway to win them all!

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Find your happy at home: How to make your home your happy place

Make Your Home Your Happy Place Boreal Abode Home ByKirsty-36

Are you genuinely happy in your home? Or is there something missing? Something you can’t quite figure out, but it’s stopping you from saying “This is my forever home”.

We live stressful lives. With never-ending to-do lists. And when you come home after a long day, is your home the peaceful retreat you crave for?

In this guide, you will learn the ten steps to make your home your happy place. I can help you find the balance you need and improve your wellbeing.

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The 7 golden rules of victorian house renovation

The 7 golden rules of victorian house renovation pontcanna cardiff conservation area 8

Victorian houses can be a nightmare to renovate. Silly mistakes can cost you thousands and many people fall into the trap of thinking “the cheapest option will do”. That’s a quick and effective way to devalue your house.

If you’re looking to bring your home to its former period glory, you have to restore it sympathetically. Whether you’re extending or sprucing up the place always respect the heritage of the building — even the most simple ones.

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How to design a small living room to maximise light and space

Mood Board inspiration - A small living room to maximise light and space - contemporary style with a mid-century modern twist - main

A dark small living room is difficult to decorate. Get it wrong and it will look like that dodgy corner in the pub nobody wants to sit by.

The secret is planning. Every piece of furniture and accessory has to be carefully chosen. But there’s no need to compromise on style.

Let’s have a look at my compact living room mood board and discover helpful tips and tricks to conquer small awkward spaces.

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